Jubileo - 1988-2013 - 25 años

Art in English

ART PROJECT (4th, 5th and 6th grade)
This year, the basic theme for 4th, 5th and 6th grade was GLOBAL SOCIETY. The final concern is to protect the environment and help change the world. So, the little ones learned how to draw people, and then they created their self-portraits. They also learned how to draw animals, landscapes, still life. The secret was to learn how to look carefully. They are starting to become aware of their space in a different way…, and the results were spectacular!!!!!

The 5th graders researched and learned which are the natural species of our province, and selecting one each, they created a collection of animals, flowers and trees that they now can protect and admire because they recognize them as part of their world. They also learned that as artists, they can become defenders of rights of people and nature though a profound study of Pablo Picasso’s painting, “GUERNICA”. Together with 6th graders, they discovered Wood cuttings and created beautiful engravings with very simple procedures.

The oldest, 6th graders, studied Argentina’s Masters and recreated their favorite pieces. Their last task was to create beautiful full figured sculptures.

The show was a complete success, the Artists were proud of their hard work, and all the visitors that visited our ART SHOW were surprised and delighted with every work they encountered.

Job well done!!!!! And please keep up your wonderful work!

Thank you all,
Miss Carolyn